Ponderosa Pines Message to You

Have you been driving along many roads over the last few months and noticed all of the dead trees?  So I live in an area that is part of the same forest of trees as Black Forest.  This land has been traveled in for centuries and has a lot of meaning to Native Americans and those of us living among it now.  These trees teach us daily what living in Colorado can mean.  We just need to keep looking and listening.

As we have all spent an unreasonable amount of time in our homes over the last 18 months or so, connection has not been met for many people.  People may be living along, living with a spouse or Significant Other or maybe with their family.  What I can say is, most of us have missed the camaraderie of other people in our lives- at work, social networks, friends and near or far away family members.

These memories bring me to the dead ponderosa pines all over the place.  The one place I see the worst is driving down highway 86 in the forested area.  Both sides of the road have trees with brown  pine needles all over.  Have you seen them?  Even in my yard I can witness a couple of dying trees.  Have you considered what is causing so many hundreds or thousands of trees to dry up? If you look beyond the road, how many trees do you see that are brown?  Not very many from my observations.  I feel they are telling us something – or confirming what the 

Pandemic has  shown us.  WE NEED OTHERS!  

Yes, I mean that too.  The trees that are alone or on the outer sides of the pack of trees are the ones that are dying.  They do not have other trees around to protect them and are left alone to do their thing, or not do it.  Many of these trees are dying of loneliness and lack of protection.  I feel we have a lot to learn from them.  Man was not put on this earth to live alone.  We need other people to nourish our souls and minds.  We need daily communication with someone beyond a screen to know we are not alone. We thrive on being together at least some of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, many of us introverts need down time also.  However, we can only survive on so much alone time.  So what can you do to not become a dried, dying Pine tree?  Reach out to others.  Anytime a person comes to mind, reach out.  Chances are they need a word of encouragemet or to just know someone cares too.  Look for places that you can safely meet with your friends, family, new people- get out and live.  Everytime you drive down this road of life, look around you and notice.  Just notice what Mother Earth is saying to you.  Don’t be like the pine trees and wither away due to lack of community, protection and love.   

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