Have you heard of Qigong?

Have you heard of Qigong? It has been around for thousands of years- some say as long as 20,000! It is widely used, in fact, it has been used in martial arts, tai chi and more recently for meditation and relaxation.

Qigong aligns your breath using slow, melodic movements that are accessible by most people. Qigong is beneficial in finding a deeper level of relaxation and flow throughout your body and mind. This meditative movement allows your qi (life force energy) to circulate throughout your body. This leaves you calm, centered, and energized all at the same time!

Qigong focuses on the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. When these connections are out of balance, we store blocked energy in our body. This blocked energy shows up through physical (chronic pain, headaches, panic attacks etc.) or mental (anxiety, depression, etc.). It is helpful for detoxifying the pathogens in your body. Qigong is truly a truly holistic practice that nourishes your entire being through integrating aspects of health and wellness.

Medical qigong is a non-invasive, touch-free method that focuses on the blocked energies in your body. A Qigong practitioner will locate your troubled areas and perform an energetic correction. Think of this as restarting your body, like we restart our phones. This process can be repeated as needed when further energy blockages are located. Optimally, you will experience an energy shift and feel total balance restoration.

Medical Qigong is beneficial for everyone. It is most effective for those that suffer from chronic pain (including emotional pain), panic attacks, anxiety and blocked trauma from childhood or adulthood. Amazingly, it can even unblock the generational or ancestral trauma that we can carry within our body. Qigong patients report immense relief for joint and arthritic pain.

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