Individual Counseling

counselor w client face in hands

A way to work one on one with your therapist in a safe, caring and confidential environment. This is a good way to explore your feelings and behaviors and understand yourself to achieve your goals of mental wellness. A variety of tools will be used while in session and also things to challenge you throughout the week.

Family Counseling

teen therapy

Every family has their own unique set of concerns.  If you are struggling with issues that you feel you are not able to control or if you need help parenting your child’s unwanted behaviors- family counseling may help you.  We focus on blended family issues, unruly children, unhealthy parental and sibling relationships and many other concerns.

Group Therapy


Many times it is beneficial to be a part of a group.  This opportunity can provide a sense of normalcy and a supportive tribe from other people struggling with the same issues that you are.  We offer several groups for you to be involved in.  Women Support groups, teen groups, children’s groups, anger management and new groups are forming regularly.

Equine Therapy

images horse

Horses can sense things that humans are unable to at times and are also able to break through with other therapies have not worked.  If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma or any other concern then horse therapy may be for you.  We offer individual sessions as well as group sessions.